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We ask that all new clients start with Pilates Level 1 or Pilates Level 1 + 2 classes. We strive to meet you where you are at in your fitness journey; progressing through levels is not our priority and we hope you honor your own self and journey, and take time to build a solid Pilates foundation.


All classes are 50 minutes long and are limited to 5 clients at a time.

Pilates Level 1

Pilates Level 1 is a more foundational level class which is great for beginners, those wanting a slightly slower pace, or anyone who wants to regain focus on some of the basics.

Pilates Level 1 + 2

Pilates Level 1+2 is a foundational to intermediate level class, great for beginners but also those with some Pilates experience under their belt. This class will focus on some of the basics but also allow for progressions into more intermediate work. 

Pilates Level 2

Pilates Level 2 requires some Pilates experience. This is a challenging class designed for intermediate level clients.

Pilates Level 3

Pilates Level 3 is an advanced, fast-moving class which incorporates more complex exercises and progresses in the repertoire. This class includes weight-bearing exercises on the wrist and knees, and more demanding balance work. 


 You *must* have approval from your instructor to join this class. 

Stretch and Release

Stretch and release is appropriate for all levels. This class delivers positive, feel-good results for the body through self-myofascial release using the foam roller. In addition, a mix of stretching on the Pilates reformer, mat and/or chair is incorporated. 


Cardio while lying down? Sounds great, right?? Jumpboard class is an intermediate level class that features the Pilates jumpboard, a board that attaches to the footbar that you jump on! Class will also include a mix of traditional reformer/chair exercises to create a fun, high energy workout.

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