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Book your first Pilates class today!

Welcome! We are so excited to meet you! New clients are encouraged to purchase our "Try Us Out" package; this is our intro special of 3 group classes for $60.


We require all our new clients to book into Level 1, Level 1 + 2, or Stretch and Release classes. 

How to prepare for your first class 



Wear comfy clothing! Tight fitted clothes are NOT required, but it's also best not to wear anything overly loose. 

We require socks; grippy socks are best!

Please refrain from wearing shoes in the studio area (we have cubbies to stash your things). 


What to bring

Bring yourself, water and an open mind (especially if you've never tried Pilates before!). 

Please leave your phone in the cubbies (unless you are expecting an emergency phone call). Pilates is as much for your mind, as it is for your body; allow yourself to take focus away from emails/texts for these 50 minutes. 


On time! This means 5-10 minutes early to class to check in with your instructor and get settled.


Just as we ask you not to come late, we request that you not come more than 10 minutes early; the previous class or private may still be finishing. 

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