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pilates instructor Danielle Bittner ashburn studio
Danielle Bittner

Danielle is the owner of Ashburn Core Pilates. She began her Pilates journey in 2009 after moving to the DC area after college. Pilates became a daily staple of her life, and after years of self-practice, she decided to take the plunge and become a Pilates instructor. Danielle is certified through Body Arts and Sciences (BASI) Pilates. She received her mat Pilates certification in 2013 and soon after decided to go back for more training, completing her comprehensive Pilates certification through BASI Pilates in 2014. Since then she has been a practicing instructor at local studios throughout Northern Virginia. 


What do you love most about Pilates?

That Pilates is quite literally for everyone- there is always an exercise for you to do, regardless of ability or injury. Pilates is a fun, challenging workout, but that's not just it... there is something about it that's indescribable. It quickly becomes part of your life and being, to the point where you can't imagine life without Pilates!

What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

Probably the teaser... there are so many ways to do a teaser, and it requires strength and control in various ways!

Where are you most likely to be spotted outside of the studio?

Tough call... but probably Wegmans (my husband jokes that I basically live there). 

Pilates instructor Jill Hughes
Jill Hughes

Jill began her Pilates journey at SUNY Purchase as a pre-professional dance student and trained in the classical technique with "the Elders," instructors who trained directly with Joe Pilates.  She carried mat concepts into her own warm-up for theatre and dance, and into her classes as a ballet instructor.  In early 2017, she entered a comprehensive training program and became fully certified on the reformer and other Pilates apparatus.  She has been teaching ever since and credits Pilates for keeping her toned, flexible and out of knee pain from a chronic dance injury.  She is in the process of completing a 2nd comprehensive Pilates certification through BASI Pilates and considers it an honor to help people become more fluid movers.     


What do you love most about Pilates?

That Pilates helps people attain and sustain mobility, strength, and flexibility in a way that is functional and healthy (low impact) for the body.  Pilates isn't just for the body but for the mind as well.  The focus on breath and the mind-body connection facilitates relaxation, improved focus and sleep.  As clients perform more challenging exercises, they gain confidence and this transfers into other areas of their lives.  I love it when they show me pictures or videos doing things they couldn't do prior to practicing Pilates!   

What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

I'm a big fan of the Swan or anything that involves a back extension.  It strengthens muscles that hold us upright and improves posture.  Maintaining good posture is challenging in the technology age.    

Where are you most likely to be spotted outside of the studio?

Well... probably with my nose in a plant-based cookbook or at the hot tub at One Life.  

Pilates instructor Lydia estep
Lydia Estep

Lydia’s Pilates journey began in 2017. She was looking for a summer job while home from college and landed a position working at the front desk of a Pilates studio. It was there that Lydia had the opportunity to take classes. One class soon turned into back-to-back-to-back-to-back classes. Fast forward a few years and Lydia had enrolled and then graduated from BASI Pilates’ Comprehensive Teacher Training Program.


Today, Lydia teaches at a couple studios in Northern Virginia (alongside her 9-5 in marketing).

What do you love most about Pilates?

My favorite thing about Pilates is that it places high importance on intention and anatomy (this is where my love for detail comes in). Moving correctly and effectively is so important in order to living a long, healthy life. Pilates is as much of a body workout as it is a mind workout (we call it a mind-body connection).


What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

My favorite exercise might have to be Climb-a-Tree, part of the short box series on the reformer. I love it because it focuses on lengthening AND strengthening. The portion where you extend over the box is an AMAZING stretch.

Where are you most likely to be spotted outside of the studio?

Monday through Friday I am at the office #GirlBossing in Marketing. On the weekends, I’m probably at Trader Joes or the bookstore (non-fiction all the way).

pilates instructor laurel muller
Laurel Muller

Laurel’s Pilates journey began 5 years ago when a friend invited her to her first Pilates class.  Laurel enjoyed the challenges of Pilates for both her body and mind. She quickly became a “regular” at the studio and found herself asking many questions in a desire to learn more about Pilates. It was then that one of her instructors encouraged Laurel to become an instructor herself.


Laurel received her Comprehensive Pilates Certification and has been teaching Pilates for 18 months. She is super excited to join Ashburn Core Pilates!

What do you love most about Pilates?

I love that Pilates is for every body! No matter your fitness level, coordination or health conditions, every body can find success and improved health through Pilates.


What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

Any exercise with chest expansion or rotation. I love moving my spine and countering all the time spent on computers and cell phones. It feels so good!

Where are you most likely to be spotted outside of the studio?

My husband and I really enjoy the local wineries - the beauty and peace of the countryside, along with delicious wines from this region, create a relaxing place to socialize with friends and family.

Pilates Instructor Marta Campbell
Marta Cartón Campbell

As a Spaniard, I grew up in an environment where nutrition and physical activity were the backbone of a healthy lifestyle. My background in classical ballet, modern dance, athletics, a decade in fashion modeling in Europe and over a decade of acting in theater has contributed to my development as a mover. 

Through formal certification programs with: Rael Isacowitz, founder of BASI (Body Arts and Science International) Comprehensive Pilates, BODHI Yoga Institute of Hyderabad, Tom Myers founder of Anatomy Trains (fascia research), Perry Nickelston, founder of Stop Chasing Pain, and one-on-one training opportunities, I have successfully developed my skills as a Pilates instructor.


My interest is to work with organizations with a shared passion for supporting people, achieve their personal health goals through effective techniques and methodologies. As Joseph Pilates said "Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty to not only attain it but to maintain it." My personal goal is to assist and motivate individuals to move safely, efficiently and gracefully to become independent movers. 

I have worked and continue to contribute with Balanced Bodies, Herndon, VA. I have worked at Club Pilates and I own my personal studio in Round Hill. I am excited to be given the opportunity to work with Danielle, she is a kind, very professional inspiring soul and I am blessed to be part of the team and continue to share the wealth of team building in the Pilates community. 

What do you love most about Pilates?

Pilates is a discipline that places a special emphasis on the development of the smaller stabilizer muscles, rather than the larger muscle groups. Achieving this requires a deep mind-body connection. As you engage in Pilates, time seems to stand still, the cues from your instructor resonate in your mind, a rhythmic breathing pattern and tempo emerge through repetition and focused practice. With dedication and a humble mind, a remarkable transformation takes place - the neurological system adopts and transmits valuable information that liberates the body from constraints and burdens. Through precision and focus we aspire to achieve alignment and symmetry whenever possible. To produce, to establish, to develop a healthy environment for prevention and preservation. 

The freedom of understanding what your body is capable of and to know what it needs at a given moment, is truly priceless. It's a journey well worth embarking on. The most rewarding moment is witnessing the enlightenment of the mind-body connection in my clients' faces when the light bulb goes on and they exclaim, "OMG!!! Is this how it's supposed to feel?"


What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

Well, it's quite challenging to choose just one, I'd say on the mat the Boomerang. It's an advanced exercise that's remarkable in its complexity. It withholds elements from Roll Up, Balancing, Roll Over, Teaser, Rowing, flexion, extension, shoulder rotation... a true gem in Pilates.


Another favorite of mine is the fundamental Pelvic Curl; as the stabilization of the core and back provide full support, spine corset is fully zipped from pelvic floor to mid thoracic, scapula glides toward hips, cervical spine elongates, add the co-contraction of glutes and hamstring with quads and experience an immense feeling of stability and flexibility. 

You become as unyielding as a rock yet as supple as a young tree swaying in the wind - a truly invincible feeling! And let's not forget other fantastic exercises like the Side Pike on the Wunda chair, Balance Control on the Reformer, and Hanging Back on the Cadillac. There are countless more to explore and enjoy! 

I know, I was supposed to pick one ;)

Where are you most likely to be spotted outside of the studio?

Outside the studio, you'll often find me at the pottery studio, where I happily get my hands dirty with clay, or painting, gardening and hiking with our family and friends, accompanied by our beloved four-legged companions, who come in all shapes and sizes. And, of course, cooking an old good Spanish meal ;)

Pilates Instructor Julie Green
Julie Green

Julie has been in the fitness industry for more than 30 years. She started with a love for weight lifting and then became a group exercise instructor. After several years of weight lifting and teaching group exercise, she decided to investigate Pilates. Soon after practicing Pilates, she learned that it was just what her back and muscles needed after all the teaching of other formats in fitness. It was the missing piece. She pursued a classical certification with Romana’s Pilates and was certified in 2006.


She has been teaching Pilates private and group sessions ever since and learning that each person in front of her is unique. There is always something to give and something to learn from each person. In addition to a Romana’s Pilates certification, Julie holds the following credentials: Metabolism Based Eating Nutritional Coach, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE), Group Exercise Instructor.

What do you love most about Pilates?

What I like most about Pilates is that it is a place of constant learning. As an instructor, observation, analysis, and helping a client to execute in the best way for their body is imperative for success. You can do the same exercise with every client, but each person makes it look slightly or largely different depending on the communicated execution. For my own practice, my body is constantly learning how to better perform an exercise. It’s rewarding to feel the progress. It encourages me to keep going.


What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

I don’t know if I have a favorite; however, most anything that stretches the lower back, short spine massage on the reformer, tower on the push through bar. Front splits on the reformer is definitely high on my list of favorites for the hip stretch.

Where are you most likely to be spotted outside of the studio?

I live in Ashburn Village. Therefore, you might spot me walking around the lake at the Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion or in the gym there lifting weights. I still love weight lifting. Other than that, I am a bit of a homebody. I like winding down with a good T.V. series at the end of the day.

Laura Augendre

Laura began her Pilates journey shortly after moving back to the states, having lived in France for 10 years. She started a practice to help keep active, finding herself in a much more sedentary lifestyle. The benefits she experienced from a regular Pilates practice surpassed her initial desire of trying to keep fit, and it was just a matter of time before Laura would leave the corporate world in 2008 to become an instructor. Studying in Encino, CA, Laura completed a comprehensive Pilates training, and since has been happily offering the many mind body benefits of Pilates to others.

What do you love most about Pilates?

How versatile Pilates is. It can be as therapeutic, or as hardcore, of a workout as the best of them. The mind body connection of Pilates is also a favorite as it helps people tune into their bodies at a level that day to day living doesn’t necessarily permit.


What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

There are so many to choose from, but feet in straps series wins this one. Legs up is an immediate stress relief and although the exercises can be challenging, they also can provide an amazing stretch.

Where are you most likely to be spotted outside of the studio?

Walking around my neighborhood! I am one of those “get your daily steps in” ladies :), and preferably outdoors. I love to take in nature: sights, sounds and scents.

When I am not walking around or teaching Pilates, I am working as an Integrative Health Practitioner, helping clients get to the root cause of chronic health issues, incorporating natural wellness at all levels.

Head over to the schedule to see when our awesome instructors are teaching!

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