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Our small group classes are limited to 5 clients and are the perfect middle ground between private sessions and large groups. Just enough individual attention without being the sole focus. 

Our "Try us Out" package: 3 classes for $60

Come see what we're all about! This is a great intro package of 3 classes... just enough to realize how much you'll love Pilates!

*Valid for 14 days

*First time clients only 


Memberships are a great way to say YES to yourself! Pilates needs commitment and consistency in order to see results; just like the practice of anything else. With a membership, you are committing to investing in YOU: the longevity of your body, your physical and mental health. 

4x/Month: $144 ($36 per class)

8x/Month: $264 ($33 per class)

12x/Month: $360 ($30 per class)

16x/Month: $448 ($28 per class)

*All memberships are auto-charged on a monthly basis. Classes purchased via membership must be used within the month. Memberships can be cancelled with 30-days notice. All classes and private sessions have a 12-hour cancellation policy.




Single drop-in group class

Valid for 1 month

8 Pack

$320 ($40 per class)


Pack of 8 classes

Valid for 3 months

2 Pack

Add-on available only with an existing membership

Billed at the rate of your membership price per class


Please email to purchase

Questions? Not sure which membership option is right for you? Send us an email! We'd love to chat!


Do you prefer one-on-one attention? Privates are the way to go!

Single private: $90 per session

2 Pack

Pack of 2 sessions

Each session is 55 minutes


Valid for 3 months

4 Pack

Pack of 4 sessions

Each session is 55 minutes


Valid for 3 months

6 Pack

Pack of 6 sessions

Each class is 55 minutes


Valid for 3 months

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