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Q. Do I have to be in shape to do Pilates?

No! Absolutely not- we welcome all fitness levels and abilities! One amazing thing about Pilates is that it is adaptable and catered toward an individual's place in life, whether you're a pro with years under your belt, or just starting off on your Pilates journey. 

Q. How many times a week should I do Pilates?

Generally this depends on your goals. Ideally we recommend practicing 3 times a week- but as we all know, sometimes life gets in the way! There are always more considerations, but you'll see results faster if you take more classes per week. You will find the routine that works for your life and goals. 

Q. What should I wear to my Pilates class?

Comfortable clothes that you are able to move well in are a must. We generally do not recommend very loose fitting clothing as that can get in the way with certain exercises. Grippy socks (socks with special rubber grips on the bottom) are required. **Please no clothing with zippers- they can tear/rip the upholstery**

Q. Do you work with teens?

Yes, we do work with teens. Teens age 16 and up are welcome to join group classes. Ages 13-15 are welcome to join in either a private or semi-private session, with the potential to join group classes (this can be determined on a case-by-case basis). At the moment, we do not take clients age 12 and under. 

Q. Do you work with larger bodies?

Yes! Absolutely! We are a body safe studio and ALL sizes are welcome. Contrary to what Google images may tell you, you don't need a prescribed "Pilates body" to do Pilates. Want a Pilates body? Do Pilates- in any body. Period. 

Q. Is Pilates only focused on the core?

Come and try out a class with us and you will quickly find out that, no, it is not only focused on the core. Is core-work a focus? Yes! Pilates teaches you to use the core to support other movements in the body. Our bodies are more inner-connected than we sometimes realize. We strive to provide a full-body workout in every class. 

Q. Can I take a Pilates class if I have back problems or other injuries?

Generally, yes! Pilates is wonderful in that it is tailored to YOU, and wherever you happen to be in life. Sometimes our bodies need a little extra support, and that's okay! We offer a variety of modifications - our small class size enables us to give you individual attention, while also building a sense of community with your fellow class-goers. If you have an injury, we do require doctor approval to attend our classes. Depending on the injury, we may suggest investing in private sessions instead of group classes to support you even further. 

Q. Is Pilates safe if I'm pregnant?

Generally speaking, yes, Pilates is a wonderful method of exercise during pregnancy. We do require doctor approval before starting, or continuing, classes. Our small group classes are a great way to exercise during pregnancy- you'll be able to get more individual attention and we will modify your exercises as needed. 

Q. How is Pilates different from yoga?

Typically yoga involves adopting a position and holding it, or flowing into another position. Yoga has a holistic and/or spiritual aspect to it, and is done exclusively on the mat with few props. Pilates is a physical system of exercise, where a position is adopted, but then your body is challenged by adding movement. There is no spiritual aspect to Pilates, and while there is a mat component, we also use apparatus, along with props, to work through the movements. 

Ready to get started?  Check out the schedule to find the best class time for you!

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